How to Make a Microscope?

Answer Optical microscopes are cool devices that let you see very small things using a combination of lenses.

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Who was the first man to make a microscope?

About 1590, father and son Dutch spectacle makers, Hans and Zaccharias Janssen, invented the first compound microscope. According to microbus, the lens makers aligned several lenses in a tube and ... Read More »

What was used to make the first microscope?

The first microscope was developed by Zaccharias and Hans Janssen in 1597. While creating eyeglasses, they realized that they could use the glass lenses in a tube to make objects appear larger than... Read More »

How to Make a Microscope Lens?

Hands-on learning is the best way for young children to gain an understanding of and appreciation for science. Help your child appreciate the power of science by teaching him or her to build a micr... Read More »

What is a TEM microscope?

A transmission electron microscope, or TEM microscope, is an instrument used to examine specimens at a near-atomic level. The microscope shares a similar design to the more widely used light or op... Read More »