How to Make a Medieval Perfume?

Answer In medieval customs, perfume was used to cover up the odor of not being able to bathe, as hot baths were limited to the privileged of that era. Perfumes made of flower petal oils, spices and resins... Read More »

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How to Make Perfume Your Perfume Last?

Everyone has a perfume that they’re particularly fond us, but most of us have had the unfortunate experience of realizing that the great scent has faded throughout the day. You put a few dabs of ... Read More »

How to Make a Medieval Hat?

The Medieval era is a historical time period that is still commonly referenced. Many people have parties and gatherings with Medieval themes or enjoy dressing up with costumes from the era. There a... Read More »

How to Make a Medieval Feast?

Feasts in the middle ages were occasions of great excess in all areas from food to pageantry. School choirs, drama departments, and sometimes even civic organizations sometimes hold medieval madrig... Read More »

How to Make a Medieval Cowl?

If you are going to dress up in authentic medieval garb for a fair or festival, you can make your attire more realistic by wearing accessories that were commonly worn during the period. For example... Read More »