How to Make a Medicine Wheel?

Answer Ceremonial circles have been used to enhance spiritual experiences for centuries. The use of the medicine wheel is common to Native American spiritual practices with each direction of the wheel rep... Read More »

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How to Make a Quill Medicine Wheel?

Medicine wheels are a Native American symbol for balance, according to the University of Southern Maine. They signify an equilibrium between the four races, the four seasons and the four elements, ... Read More »

How to Build a Medicine Wheel?

Sacred circles exist in virtually every culture in the world, past and present. Medicine wheels have been an expression of sacred thought in many American Indian cultures for thousands of years, be... Read More »

Is western medicine just applied statistics What then is alternative medicine?

Statistics is the powerful tool used to cut through masses of data and decide whether product A is responsible for effect X or whether that effect is down purely to chance. It can also show whether... Read More »

Do you think Ayurvedic medicine is more effective or is much better as compared to chinese medicine?

they are both highly over rated. The primitive beliefs of the people from a country where the life expectancy is so very short are NOT a fertile ground for finding medical wisdom