How to Make a Mashup Song in Movie Maker?

Answer A "mashup" song is two or more songs that are combined together into a single file. These are often made into videos using a video clip or image in Windows Movie Maker, and then uploaded to video s... Read More »

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How to Record a Song in Windows Movie Maker?

This will teach ANY Incoming artist how to record a song!

How do you mute the sound out of a video from Windows Movie Maker so the song can go over it?

there are two ways to do it:1st - go to tools and scroll down to audio levels. From here you can adjust what audio source you like to hear better or just one source.2nd - go to clip and scroll to m... Read More »

How to Create a Great Song Cover With Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker isn't everyone's favorite video editing program. Especially for editing song covers or song originals. Not to mention there is only ONE audio space, and not enough room for your... Read More »

How to Make a Movie With a Webcam and Windows Live Movie Maker (Pre Teens)?

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