How to Make a Manual Partition on Debian Linux?

Answer Every storage device (hard disk, pen drive, etc.) connected to a computer running Debian Linux has its space divided into one or more partitions. Partitions typically separate unrelated stored data... Read More »

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Does Debian Linux run the same way as Ubuntu?

Although Ubuntu and Debian both use the same package management system the two are very different. A deb. package developed for Ubuntu will not work on Debian with a few exceptions however overall ... Read More »

How to Install Software in Debian Linux?

Debian is the basis of Ubuntu, Knoppix, MEPIS, Kanotix and Aptosid. If your distro doesn't include all the software you want, you can install additional software from the internet (whether you have... Read More »

How to Install Firefox in Debian Linux?

Debian GNU Linux includes Iceweasel as one of its supported internet browsers. Iceweasel was built from Firefox and it is fully compatible with Debian. Yet, there are important differences which ma... Read More »

Should I give in to my girlfriend and install a Vista partition or should I make her learn Linux?

Hey seriously I am lucky, my girl friend has her own laptop so I don't have to install another OS for her. I suggest u show her compiz fusion first, show her Linux's eye candy. I am sure that will ... Read More »