How to Make a Magnet Pick Up Nails?

Answer It is impossible to force a magnet to pick up a nail that is not magnetic itself. Magnetism is a special property of an element that arises from its internal electronic design, and while all atoms ... Read More »

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How to Pick Temporary Artificial Nails?

A lot of women do not want long nails all of the time, but most of us certainly would like to have the option. Some women work at jobs where having long nails are a disadvantage. Others simply can'... Read More »

How to Pick a Nail Polish Pattern for Your Nails That Suits You?

Painting your nails is a fun girly thing! Having not just a colour put a design/pic on your nails can add your own flair and creativity! Read on to learn what pattern is best for your nails whether... Read More »

What chemicals should I use to remove magnet - specifically an orange report monkey magnet?

LOL I hate the badge too. Maybe answer badly?

When adding more paper to a magnet on refrigerator why does it cause the magnet to fall off?

The magnet is losing its magnetic connection to the fridge.