How to Make a Magician's Hat?

Answer A magician's hat does more than just cover a magician's head -- it adds to his mysterious appearance and lets everyone know he is not just another ordinary person. You can make your own magician's ... Read More »

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How to Make a Magicians Tool Box?

A Magician's toolkit is essentially a box of any materials he or she might need for their tricks. These may, and almost always do, vary from performer to performer. This article is essentially just... Read More »

How do magicians make things disappear?

A true magician will say it is a crime to reveal how a trick is performed, but making something disappear is a skilled illusion that is facilitated by the human brain.SkillDisappearing tricks, when... Read More »

How is levitation done by magicians?

Levitation is the art of suspending an object in the air against the rules of gravity, making the object appear weightless. The most common and performed version of this trick is where magicians le... Read More »

Do magicians need a business licence?

no they do need a sex licenceno they do need a sex licence