How to Make a Lyre in "RuneScape"?

Answer During the Fremennik Trials quest in "RuneScape," you must convince seven city council members that you are worthy of becoming a Fremennik by completing a series of tasks. Council member Olaf the B... Read More »

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How to Tune a Lyre?

A reconstruction of the Anglo Saxo lyre found at Sutton HooLyres are a category of stringed instruments known since the earliest civilizations. The Ancient Greeks and Romans played lyres, and after... Read More »

Who invented the lyre?

Although the exact inventor of the lyre is lost to antiquity; its use dates back to ancient Sumer. Greek mythology tells of the Greek god Hermes creating it out of the innards of a cow and a turtle... Read More »

How old is a gold Sumerian lyre?

According to William Sound, the gold Sumerian lyre found at Ur dates back to 2650 B.C. The ancient artifact was found by Sir Leonard Woolley, and was one of a dozen instruments found at the site.Re... Read More »

What type of music is the lyre used for?

The lyre is a harp-like instrument that was popular in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. Its exact origins are unknown, but it is known the instrument was very popular among both men and woman and... Read More »