How to Make a Little Robot on Facebook IM?

Answer When you IM, or instant message, with your friends on Facebook chat, express yourself with funny faces. You make these faces by typing a combination of symbols on your keyboard. For instance, to se... Read More »

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How to Make Little Icons on Facebook?

On Facebook, there is more than one way you can express emotions. Instead of using a string of words, you could also use little icons that represent feelings like happiness or silliness. This proce... Read More »

How to Make Little Pictures on Facebook Chat?

Facebook is a social networking site with a built-in chat function. You can use this to exchange instant messages with other Facebook users. The chat program is designed to parse certain text strin... Read More »

Why does using Facebook always make me feel a little vulnerable?

I know what you mean. Sometimes I stop and think, gosh, anyone could read what I write on here, put the clues together and easily find out personal details. It's scary to think that there are thes... Read More »