How to Make a Line Release Clip?

Answer Fishing with planer boards or a kite requires a line release clip. A line release clip holds your fishing line to the line of the fishing equipment. When a fish strikes the lure or bait attached to... Read More »

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How do I Release a Headlight Retaining Clip on a 2007 Mustang?

Ford Mustangs manufactured prior to 2007 required operators to remove the entire headlight assembly to replace a burned-out bulb. The 2007 Mustang was redesigned to avoid this hassle. However, inst... Read More »

How to Line a Hair Clip?

Hair clips come in handy for girls and women of any age. Hair clips will help to keep fly-away hair in place, keep your hair out of your eyes and add a little color to your hairstyle. Finding the p... Read More »

Does anyone know when the next line of Alienware laptops will release?

I'm sorry, but I just can't resist. Yes they look great, yes the hardware is usually pretty good, however the fact remains they're overpriced (they're the Macs of Windows PCs except the OS is actua... Read More »

Quick Release Tools for a Fuel Line?

A quick-release tool controls the flow of fuel. When a technician pulls out the tool, for example, the flow of fuel stops because of shutoff valves on both the male and female parts of the quick-re... Read More »