How to Make a Lily Pond?

Answer Lily ponds are exciting to create. Areas with lily ponds often include dragonflies, frogs and fantasy. The lilies grown can also bring financial rewards, serving as fragrant presentations for such... Read More »

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Who painted the famous lily pond?

The famous lily pond was painted by Claude-Oscar Monet in 1899. The painting was inspired by a small pond on his property on which he created a water garden with an arched bridge in the Japanese st... Read More »

Description of the Yellow Pond Lily?

Native to North America, the yellow pond lily, or spatterdock, is an aquatic perennial plant, meaning it dies off each winter and emerges once more from the roots each spring. Often planted as an o... Read More »

What size pond filter do I need for a 1,200 gallon pond?

Once upon a time, finding a filter for an outdoor pond was simple; you divided the volume of the pond by half to find the size of pump needed to power a canister filter. Today, a 1,200 gallon pond ... Read More »

How to Make Lily of the Valley Scented Oil?

Lily-of-the-valley has a delightful scent that can be captured in oil via the process outlined here. It is very blossom intensive, so you will need access to ample amounts of the blossom (it is a g... Read More »