How to Make a Lelouch Mask?

Answer Lelouch Lamperouge, also known as Lelouch vi Britannia, is the main character of "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion," the first animated story arc in the Code Geass series. In this series, Lelou... Read More »

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How to Act Like Lelouch from Code Geass?

Do you want to be a super-genius of an IQ of 150 like Lelouch from Code Geass? Not going to happen unless you follow my instructions.

How to Cosplay As Lelouch from Code Geass?

If you want to be like the calm and cool genius Lelouch Lamperouge (Lelouch Vi Britannia) from the show Code Geass, then you're in the right place. If you don't, then what the heck are you doing here!

How to Find the Bremen and Bunny Hood Mask on Zelda: Majora's Mask?

The Bremen Mask is basically just to help get the Bunny Hood. The Bunny Hood is if not the MOST helpful mask (hood?) in the whole entire game. It makes you run twice as fast and jump twice as far. ... Read More »

Help!! Please read description! I want to know how to make a facial mask! What do I need and how do I make it?

I love homemade masks. Try a simple honey mask (which you basically apply honey to your face) a honey yogurt mask, a detox lemon or lime juice/yogurt/honey mask, yogurt/honey/oats mask, honey/sugar... Read More »