How to Make a Laptop Keyboard Map?

Answer If you are trying to teach your children all of the functions of the buttons on a laptop computer, give them a blank keyboard template to fill out. Button by button, your children will learn to rec... Read More »

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What keys make shapes on the keyboard...for a Windows Laptop?

Hold down ALT and put in a few numbers in in the number pad, eg:ALT + 0178 = ²Alternatively you can go Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map for a big list of them all

What numbers and letters do you key on you keyboard to make a heart symbol if you have a laptop?

Push Alt and push 3 on the number pad on the far right of your keyboard at the same time. ♥ Alt+1 = ☺Alt+2 = ☻Alt+3= ♥Alt+4 = ♦Alt+5 =♣Alt+6 =â™ Alt+7 =•Alt+8 = â—˜Alt+9 = â—‹Alt+10 =... Read More »

Why does my laptop keyboard do this?

f your laptop still has warranty?WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY if the result of user negligence such as: burning, tearing whether intentionally or unintentionally, bitten by rats, stolen, fade due to che... Read More »

How to Fix a Wet Laptop Keyboard?

Spilling liquid in your laptop doesn't have to be a death sentence. There is a good chance you can save your computer if you don't panic and contain the spill as quickly as possible. Laptops are fu... Read More »