How to Make a Laptop Battery From AA Batteries?

Answer Making a laptop battery from AA batteries is not the most cost-effective way of powering your laptop as regular AA batteries are not rechargeable. Additionally, you need a lot of batteries, wired i... Read More »

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Has anyone brought laptop batteries on about their products quality thanks!!!?

No, I have not bought battery from this online store. But I have purchase a laptop battery from, the quality is very good and the price is acceptable.Here is the dell latitude d630 b... Read More »

Can all batteries work in a battery charger Where can I get rechargable batteries?

Not all batteries work in a battery charger. You can get rechargable batteries at lots of places like radio shack, costco, anywhere where there are batteries. Rechargable batteries usually cost mor... Read More »

My laptop battery won't show on screen what it really is, how do I make it show the real battery life?

First make sure your battery is fine,then to calibrate the battery in bios.The problem still is not resolved.Your battery is broken.So you need to change a new one.

Battery question for solar power - Does (2) 6V batteries hooked up in series make it a 12V source?

You hook the batteries in series to get 12V.You pretty well have all you need. I would get fuses and cutoff switches though.