How to Make a Laptop Battery From AA Batteries?

Answer Making a laptop battery from AA batteries is not the most cost-effective way of powering your laptop as regular AA batteries are not rechargeable. Additionally, you need a lot of batteries, wired i... Read More »

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Has anyone brought laptop batteries on about their products quality thanks!!!?

No, I have not bought battery from this online store. But I have purchase a laptop battery from, the quality is very good and the price is acceptable.Here is the dell latitude d630 b... Read More »

Can all batteries work in a battery charger Where can I get rechargable batteries?

Not all batteries work in a battery charger. You can get rechargable batteries at lots of places like radio shack, costco, anywhere where there are batteries. Rechargable batteries usually cost mor... Read More »

How to Make Your Hp F4812a Laptop Batteries Last a Long Time?

As soon as the battery leaves the production line it is likely to start losing it's capacity. So How can you make your laptop battery last a long time?

Battery question for solar power - Does (2) 6V batteries hooked up in series make it a 12V source?

You hook the batteries in series to get 12V.You pretty well have all you need. I would get fuses and cutoff switches though.