How to Make a Kilt Out of a Blanket?

Answer As a garment, the kilt is a highly functional piece of clothing. It can be simple or extravagant but was designed for versatility in historical use. A kilt protected the body from the elements and ... Read More »

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How to Make Kilt Flashes?

Kilt flashes are a traditional part of the Scottish kilt ensemble. They are worn around the top of the tall kilt socks, called hose, acting as a garter to keep the socks from falling down the leg. ... Read More »

How to Make an Easy Kilt?

A kilt is the traditional clothing of Scottish men. It is a pleated length of fabric wrapped around the waist to create a skirt. The back of the kilt is pleated while the front is two flaps overlap... Read More »

How to Make a Utility Kilt?

Kilts, those traditional Scottish garments, are usually created entirely by hand out of tartan fabric, resulting in an heirloom quality item worn for special occasions. Utility kilts are a new bree... Read More »

How to Make an Egyptian Scribe's Kilt?

In ancient Egypt, comfort and availability dictated the fashions of the day. Since the weather was perpetually warm, materials like fur and wool weren't practical. Cotton wasn't plentiful, accordin... Read More »