How to Make a Kid's Timeline Using a Poster Board?

Answer Most kids have already become somewhat acquainted with timelines in school. Teachers and textbooks often use timelines to show the order in which historical events occurred, or crucial events in a ... Read More »

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How do you get sharpie off a poster board without destroying the poster board?

No,any marker does come off poster board without destroying it.

How to Make a Sword Craft Out of Poster Board?

Many costumes and characters in plays call for a prop sword. Almost anyone can make his own prop sword with a sheet of poster board, a wooden dowel and a few other inexpensive supplies, many of whi... Read More »

How to Make a Poster Board for a Science Fair Project?

The poster board is the first thing most judges see when they approach a science fair project. It is designed to convey all the information on display in the project in a concise, easy to digest ma... Read More »

How to Fold Poster Board to Make It Stand for Display?

Teachers often consider presentation when grading student projects. In the workforce, an attractive presentation makes a favorable first impression and compels colleagues to take your work more ser... Read More »