How to Make a Julienne Cut?

Answer Ensure even cooking and shorten preparation time by using basic knife skills to cut food into uniform pieces. Use the julienne cut, also known as the matchstick cut, to cut fruits and vegetables in... Read More »

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How to Julienne Carrots?

If you are looking to add a little color and crunch to your next meal, consider learning how to julienne carrots. This cooking technique originated as a traditional part of French cuisine but has b... Read More »

How to Julienne Peppers?

This article will take you through the basic ideas and procedure of julienning peppers. The same basic principles in this article can be used for other foods.

How many calories are in julienne vegetables?

It depends on which vegetables are used to make the julienne (matchstick) strips, the weight/amount of those vegetables, whether they are raw or cooked, and if cooked how are they cooked. For more ... Read More »

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