How to Make a Javelin or a Spear?

Answer Spear fishing with a hand-made javelin or spear has been a way to capture food for centuries. In a survival situation where food is scarce, fishing with a spear can be the difference between findin... Read More »

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How do i build a javelin spear out of wood?

The origins of the javelin reach back thousands of years, implemented as both a hunting tool and a weapon of war. Today, javelins are more likely to be seen at a track and field event, thrown for s... Read More »

How to Make a Spear Gun?

A simple gun that can lanch a dart or spear at incredible speeds. This article will tell you how to make it.

How to Make a Spear?

Spears are pretty cool, so why not try to make one?This article is an easy guide to making a spear that will give you simple step-by-step instructions.

How to Make Stonehead Spear?

It's actually pretty easy to make a stone head spear. You just need any knife for survival or combat or just any knife other than a steak or kitchen knife, A piece of wood that's about 1 meter tall... Read More »