How to Make a Hurricane Wind Tunnel Rotating Eye?

Answer A hurricane is a force of nature that can reach awesome speeds and release torrents of rain, wreaking destruction for miles upon miles. From the air it looks like a particularly thick doughnut ring... Read More »

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How to Make Smoke for a Wind Tunnel?

Building a project wind tunnel for testing the aerodynamics of a vehicle can be necessary to ensure proper airflow above and below a vehicle. Air tunnels use smoke to give a visual aid to the airfl... Read More »

How to Make Smoke for a Wind Tunnel Science Project?

Wind tunnels are used to study the impact of an airstream on anything like airplanes and cars that will encounter wind. The wind tunnel allows an engineer or physicist to see how the wind interact... Read More »

What is a wind tunnel?

Wind tunnels are used widely to test the aerodynamic properties of aircraft, spacecraft and automobiles. Wind tunnels come in many sizes, although they share similar characteristics. Some wind tunn... Read More »

What is a wind tunnel used for?

A wind tunnel is used for the testing of the aerodynamic properties of various aircraft, missiles and cars. A current of air is blown through the tunnel and maintained at a constant velocity during... Read More »