How to Make a Huge Hourglass?

Answer Since ancient times, sand hourglasses have provided a simple way of measuring the passage of time. Although the name "hourglass" implies that it takes one hour for the sand to pass from one side to... Read More »

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How can I make my hair really huge?

Backcombing and lots of hairspray!I think backcombing is also called "teasing". Basically, you hold your hair up straight, then, starting at the root, take a comb and comb down. start up a little h... Read More »

How to Make a Huge Pouf?

Poufs may have a reputation for being an over-the-top and overdone hairstyle, but if you're looking for a dramatic style, it's perfect for you. The pouf has been around since 18th-century France an... Read More »

How to Make Asian Eyes Look Huge?

If you want to make your Asian eyes look huge, you'll have to go through a regimen of makeup application. However, using certain techniques, many of which are easy to perform at home, can cause an ... Read More »

How to Make up With Your Parents After a Huge Fight Because You Want Something?

do you want something really bad but ask your parents in a way that starts a huge fight and you think you'll never get it now well. its that simple