How to Make a Homemade Diet for Epilepsy in Dogs?

Answer There is no cure for canine epilepsy. But it is possible to manage the symptoms. According to Natural Canine Remedies, diet plays an important role in the management of canine epilepsy. Allen M. Sc... Read More »

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How to Make the B.A.R.F Diet for Dogs?

We are now realising the importance of a natural diet in humans. So why not in our pets? Dogs suffer from cancer, diabetes and more nowadays because of poor quality diet. If your willing to put a b... Read More »

How to Make a Raw Food Diet for Dogs?

The goal for feeding a Raw Food Diet to dogs is to introduce all-natural foods in order to replicate what wolves, the domestic dog's ancestor, naturally eat in the wild. By forgoing commercial kibb... Read More »

Secondary Epilepsy in Dogs?

Epilepsy affects many animals, including humans, and always causes the same sets of symptoms and outcomes. The causes are not always exactly the same, however. Canine secondary epilepsy occurs when... Read More »

Diets for Epilepsy in Dogs?

Epilepsy is a condition that causes seizures in both humans and pets. Dogs suffering from epilepsy primarily experience two types of seizures, according to the website "Purely Pets." Partial motor ... Read More »