How to Make a Hollow Mask?

Answer Hollow masks can be made of anything from paper mache to gesso. Hollow masks great for children, halloween, masquerade parties, or even a creative gift. With a little creativity and ingenuity and ... Read More »

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How to Draw "Hollow Mask"?

If you are a fan of the Bleach Manga series, you can make a piece of tribute art or fan art by drawing the Ichigo "Hollow Mask." It may take you a few tries to be able to draw it to your satisfacti... Read More »

How to Make a Hollow Penny?

This is a cool experiment to use on your worthless pennies.Its a cool trick to show your friends and teachers,so just round up all your useless pennies!

How to Make a Hollow Book?

A hollow book can be a nifty way to hide something, whether it's a spare key, a secret note, or even money. Most people wouldn't think to browse your library for private or personal things. It's al... Read More »

How to Make a Hollow Pencil?

This is a good way to hide small candies like nerds or a pixie stick powder.You can roll a small piece of paper up and slip it to a friend as a secret note. It would be perfect for use at school si... Read More »