How to Make a History Project Interesting?

Answer So, you're teaching your class about the Lincoln-Douglas debates, or Andrew Jackson's battle against the national bank or the Wars of the Roses, and it's time for your students to take a test, or w... Read More »

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How to Make a Bibliography Project Interesting?

A bibliography project, the compiling of a list of similar books and materials, doesn't have to be an exercise in drudgery. With a little imagination, making a bibliography can be a stimulating and... Read More »

How to Research an Interesting Era of Victorian History?

Victorian history is an interesting era in time. It left a big impact on our speech, literature, and culture. But it is such a big era where do we start researching?

That's interesting ... just been reading about the history of dentures?

Yes I did. Contrary to American legend, George Washington never owned a set of wooden teeth.Washington suffered from problems with his teeth throughout his life. He lost his first tooth when he was... Read More »

Interesting History Topics for Extended Essays?

An extended essay is an in-depth study of a limited topic within a subject (see Reference 1). In the subject of history, you must limit your topic by asking specific types of questions from the mat... Read More »