How to Make a High-Pitched Noise on a Guitar?

Answer Standard guitars come equipped with six strings; the bottom E string has the highest pitch. However, you don't have to play the bottom string to get the highest sound from your instrument. By playi... Read More »

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What do you call the little high-pitched noise you hear when the TV is on?

Interesting question: it's called "flyback transformer whine". In a tube television, the flyback transformer is used to drive the energy to the electron beam that paints the signal on the screen.... Read More »

Surround sound making high pitched noise,plz help!?

It sounds to me like you have a bad connection on your logic board that the knob connects into. That would be my first guess. When you put pressure on it, you are making the circuit connect, but ... Read More »

Causes of a High Pitched Whining Noise in a Ford Lincoln Navigator?

The Lincoln Navigator is an upscale model of the Ford Expedition. Vehicle noises in it can be one of the most difficult problems for which to determine the exact cause, because there are several co... Read More »

I have a 32" tv that is making a short high pitched buzzing noise every couple minutes. Can I fix it?

Please don't take the back of the tv off good chance you will get killed that way you probably have a ground problem make sure your cable or/and house is grounded good try to plug the tv into a dif... Read More »