How to Make a High Gain Antenna?

Answer A digital antenna can pick up free television signals from broadcast towers that are used to transmit signals from the broadcast TV networks. To improve upon the signal receptivity of the digital a... Read More »

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On a SMA High gain antenna does the lower the dbi the better the reception.?

No, just the opposite actually. Higher dBi means the RF energy is more focused. A standard antenna might be roughly 2.2dBi and the RF energy pattern is shaped like a giant 100-foot donut. If you... Read More »

How to Build a High-Gain Indoor TV Antenna?

A digital signal is used to broadcast television for free to homes with high-definition television sets (HDTV). You can make a high-gain indoor antenna that will let your HDTV better pick up all of... Read More »

How to Make a High Performance Indoor/Attic Dtv Antenna?

The antennaIf you don't have cable or satellite or if you just want a backup for when those services go out and you want to pick up local DTV stations you can build a Gray-Hoverman antenna.

How high does an HD antenna need to be?

On One Hand: Right on the RoofCNET explains that you typically mount an HD antenna directly on the roof of your apartment building or home. It needs to be placed at least a few feet away from any m... Read More »