How to Make a Helmet Mohawk?

Answer Mohawk motorcycle helmets are popular accessories for motorcycle hobbyists who like to show off a splash of color. Making your own mohawk helmet at home proves to be an achievable endeavor for even... Read More »

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How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk?

Helmet Mohawks look great on full face helmets, or you can cut them to length if you want to add them to your shorty helmets.

Difference Between a Motorcycle Helmet & Bicycle Helmet?

Motorcycle and bicycle helmets appear common in nature and desired function, but these helmets are actually quite different and share only a few similarities. The differences in these helmet types ... Read More »

Difference Between a Motorcycle Half Helmet & a 3/4 Helmet?

A half motorcycle helmet and a 3/4 motorcycle helmet offer varying levels of protection and comfort for motorcycle riders.

How to Make a Perfect Mohawk?

The mohawk is a popular hairstyle that is often worn as a form of personal expression. A perfect mohawk is generally thought of as one that is thin and fans out evenly -- also known as a fanhawk. M... Read More »