How to Make a Headgate for Cattle?

Answer A cattle head gate is often used to hold cattle in place while the cattle is being treated for medical reasons or for feeding purposes. While many locations sell head gates, they can easily be made... Read More »

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How many cattle go in a cattle hauler?

Cattle haulers, also called stock trailers, vary in size and shape and therefore can hold from one to a few hundred cattle. The amount of cattle a livestock hauler can hold also depends on the size... Read More »

How to Make Rope Halters for Cattle?

Cattle halters are a tool to train a cow to lead for showing competitions or simply to lead a cow out of a pasture in a secure manner. Cattle in large pastures can lose halters from rubbing on tre... Read More »

How to Make a Fence With Cattle Panels?

holding alley with cattle panelsThis is a how-to guide to make a fence and/or a corral with cattle panels.

How to Buy Cattle?

Buying cattle is all a part of raising cattle. How to buy it can be a little bit of a challenge, especially if you don't know what's involved or how to go about buying cattle. There are two main wa... Read More »