How to Make a Hand Creature Using Your Fingers?

Answer Here is how to make a hand creature with your fingers.

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Your daughter has Brachial plexus.she moves her hand and fingers but cant bend her arm or raise her hand.she is starting to try to lift her arm and shrugs her shoulder is this a good sign?

GeekIsLuv says,Has seizures? No... no, I don't think that's common. I don't know any three year olds that have seizures frequently. I'd see a doctor or something about that; I can't find any inform... Read More »

How many fingers does a hand have?

Red bumps between fingers on my right hand?

I don't think it's the body wash because since you used it, it should be all over you but it could be bed bug bites

How many fingers does the human hand have?

A normal human has four fingers and one thumb on each hand. The fingers include the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and baby finger. Each finger has three different segments, connected by ... Read More »