How to Make a Hair Grow Faster Without Chemicals?

Answer Hair tends to grow at a different rate on different people. One person may experience a particularly fast hair growth rate while another may have hair that grows painfully slowly. No matter what yo... Read More »

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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster Without Using Shampoo?

Although no definitive way exists to make your hair actually grow faster, you can increase its length quicker by taking better care of your hair. When your hair breaks off at the ends, this detract... Read More »

How to Grow Hair Without Chemicals for Men?

Women aren't the only people who want to grow their hair out. Some men prefer to wear their hair long while others hope to regrow lost hair. There are many chemicals on the market designed to grow ... Read More »

How to Make Kinky Hair Soft Without Chemicals?

Kinky hair usually refers to hair that has a spiral curls. Because of the shape of the hair strand, kinky hair easily gets tangles and breaks off. The hair may also look rough and unmanageable. Che... Read More »

How Can I Color Gray Hair & Make it Shine Without Chemicals?

Frequently coloring hair to cover gray can quickly lead to damage, if you use dyes made from harsh chemicals. Instead of subjecting your hair to chemical dyes, try making a natural dye that will le... Read More »