How to Make a Hair Grow Faster Without Chemicals?

Answer Hair tends to grow at a different rate on different people. One person may experience a particularly fast hair growth rate while another may have hair that grows painfully slowly. No matter what yo... Read More »

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Will Hair,Skin, & nail vitimans make your hair grow faster?

It doesn't necessarily make hair grow faster, but it does make the hair stronger so that it won't break easily therefore allowing it to grow longer

Does Anything Make Hair Grow Faster?

Many people wish they had long flowing locks of hair, but wonder why it takes so long to grow. Typically, hair grows about half an inch every month or so, but there are many ways to naturally speed... Read More »

Is there any way to make my hair grow faster!!?

How to Make a Boy's Hair Grow Faster?

While nothing short of genetic alteration can really make a boy's hair grow faster than the average half inch per month rate of growth, there are some steps you can take to ensure your hair keeps g... Read More »