How to Make a Guppy Breeding Tank?

Answer Guppies are among the easiest fish to breed. A female gives birth to 20 to 30 babies at a time and can give birth for several months after one mating session. The small guppies, when left to fend f... Read More »

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Breeding a Fancy Male Guppy With a Common Female?

Guppies are often seen in pet shops as two strains. The solid, brown or gold guppies are known as common guppies and they are typically sold as feeder fish. The more colorful, shiny guppies sold as... Read More »

How to Set up a Guppy Tank?

Guppies are very fun pets to own, but a proper habitat is key to your pets health. Read about making the proper habitat for your fishy friend.

How to Make Guppy Fry Food?

guppyAre you looking for a way to feed your fry without buying live food? This article provides a method for you to try.

How to Make a Guppy Fry Grow Faster?

Guppy fry are very young guppies, which have just been born. Guppy fry care can be challenging, as they require very specific conditions and food in order to remain healthy. Making sure your guppie... Read More »