How to Make a Grease Gun Work?

Answer Many older cars, trucks and tractors did not have sealed bearings. Some points on these vehicles need to be greased, typically at every oil change. Each point will typically have a ball-bearing joi... Read More »

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My boyfriend is a garbage man and his work coat is covered in grease! He has washed so the stains are set in!?

Stains are inevitable and will just recur after another week's work. It's the grease that's the real problem. Take the coat to a dry cleaner – they have strong grease-dissolving solvents. The ... Read More »

At what grease level is it the proper time to pump out a grease trap?

A grease trap is a system that many cities require to be installed in restaurants and other places with public kitchens. It removes grease from waste water, preventing it from being added to the wa... Read More »

How to Install Bulk Grease in a Manual Grease Gun?

Bulk grease for a grease gun is available in convenient, pre-filled grease cartridges. Many grease types and weights are available for many different purposes, from heavy machinery to automotive lu... Read More »

Compatibility of Petroleum Grease & Synthetic Grease?

Some petroleum-based greases are compatible with synthetic greases, but not to the same degree. Both are used for industrial and automotive machinery, although petroleum-based products are still mo... Read More »