How to Make a G2 Chord?

Answer Two basic types of chords exist in music: major and minor. Major chords typically consist of the root note, the third, the fifth and occasionally the octave. Minor chords consist of the same notes ... Read More »

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How do I make an F chord?

How to Play an F Major ChordPlay the notes F, A, and C simultaneously on your instrument, in any formation. Multiple strings, keys, or valves may be used on your instrument as long as those are the... Read More »

How to Make a Power Chord?

If you are a musician or anyone tackling a specific musical instrument, you may need to understand how to make a power chord. Although the power chord is a staple in some sorts of music, it is most... Read More »

How to Make a Major Chord Minor?

No matter what kind of instrument you play, if you are involved in performing music, you may need to think about making a major chord minor. Taking a relatively familiar major chord and making it i... Read More »

How to Do a ''D'' Chord for Guitar?

Here's how to do a D chord on the guitar.