How to Make a French Manicure Last Longer?

Answer While colors of nail polish go in and out of style with changing seasons, the simple and classy look of a French manicure, whether on the toes or finger nails, is timeless. You’ll never be concer... Read More »

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How to Make a French Manicure Last Longer Using a White Tip Pen?

Ladies looking for chic and sophisticated styling options traditionally seek out the finest options from France, and their choices for manicures are no exception. French manicures involve growing n... Read More »

How to Keep a French Manicure on Toes Longer?

A French pedicure is designed to resemble natural nails. It is a classy look for women of all ages, and can transition from day to evening and with all types of footwear. While it's a beautiful a... Read More »

DIY Half Moon Manicure French Manicure Stickers?

The half-moon manicure ranks high on today's nail-trend watch. A reversed version of the classic french manicure, the half-moon manicure features two complimentary nail polish colors that create a ... Read More »

How to Make French Manicure Stickers?

French-tipped nails are a statement of elegance and sophistication. Unfortunately, they are also expensive: french tip services can cost anywhere from $40 upwards. With a bit of knowledge on how to... Read More »