How to Make a Freeze Plug Hole?

Answer Freeze plug holes are formed when an engine block is cast. A die of the engine is pressed into sand. In order to leave space for the cylinders, the sand in the engine's cavity must be held in place... Read More »

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What is the hole you plug your 360 headset into?

The port used to connect a headset to an Xbox 360 controller is found on the bottom of the controller. This port is near the removable battery pack and can be used to plug in a wired headset or cha... Read More »

How to Plug a Hole in a Tire?

Nails, screws and other debris on the road are bad news for your tires. Many people rely on an auto mechanic or garage to repair a punctured tire. In many cases, plugging a hole in a tire is someth... Read More »

How to Rethread a Spark Plug Hole?

A number of events may conspire to damage the spark plug threads in a car's cylinder head. Simply leaving a plug in place over too many years and miles without changing it may bond the plug to the ... Read More »

How to Get a Freeze Plug Out?

Freeze plugs serve two purposes. Back in the days before everybody used antifreeze in their cooling system, the freeze plug was supposed to prevent the engine block from getting cracked if the wate... Read More »