How to Make a Fourth of July Layered Shooter?

Answer This layered shooter drink will make your 4th of July memorable. The colors of the drink say it for itself. Here is how to make a 4th of July layered shooter.

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How to Make an Orgasm Layered Shooter?

An Orgasm layered shooter (or shot) is made by layering Kahlua, amaretto liqueur, and Baileys Irish Cream in a shot glass or cordial glass.

How to Make a B 52 on a Mission Layered Shooter?

A B-52 on a Mission layered shooter (or shot) is a B-52 that has 151 rum floated (layered) on top of the Grand Marnier. This 151 rum has a very high alcohol content so can be ignited with a lighter... Read More »

How to Make a Sixty Nine Layered Shooter?

A really simple shot drink that sambuca and gin join together.

How to Make a Barbed Wire Layered Shooter?

This Campari based drink represents the name of it when it's made. The effects and the taste are real. Here is how to make a barbed wire layered drink.