How to Make a Four Wheel Drift?

Answer Drifting is a growing form of motor sport in the U.S. and around the world. It involves complex driving skills and creates a spectacular scene, with smoking tires and cars sliding sideways, seeming... Read More »

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How to Drift an All-Wheel-Drive Car?

Drifting a vehicle is used in rally racing as an efficient method to navigate a corner. The driver intentionally looses traction of the rear wheels in a sliding motion and controls the vehicle thro... Read More »

Can you drift in cars with front wheel drive?

Drifting is, by definition, the practice of intentionally placing a car into a controlled over-steer. Although typically performed in rear-drive vehicles, front-wheel and all-wheel drive cars can a... Read More »

How to Drift a Front-Wheel Drive Vehicle?

"Drifting" refers to initiating a slide in a car by causing the rear tires to break traction in a controllable manner. This is a type of high-performance driving that is more common and easier to p... Read More »

How to Make RC Drift Wheels Out of a Can?

You can buy drift wheels but they're expensive so here is a way to make RC drift wheels from cans.