How to Make a Ford Auto Dimming Mirror Darker?

Answer Some Ford vehicles are supplied with an interior rear-view mirror that dims automatically. The mirror includes electronic circuitry that changes the reflective state from a normal, highly reflectiv... Read More »

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Should I Get an Auto-Dimming Mirror if My Rear Window Is Tinted?

I'd stick with the standard mirror since the rear window film will reduce visible light at night as it also does during the day.

How to Make Gold Auto Paint Appear Darker?

Painting your car can be a quick and easy way to raise the value of the vehicle. Unfortunately, commercial auto painting can get expensive quickly, especially if you have dents or want a different ... Read More »

How to stop the auto-dimming?

Look under the power saver settings and turn that off.

How Do Auto Dimming Mirrors Work?

As a teacher, you will discover that to be effective in the classroom you need to be prepared. Part of that preparation is having a lesson plan ready. Lesson planning is designed so that you, as a ... Read More »