How to Make a Folded Note?

Answer Since many schools ban cell phones and limit computer use, handwritten notes live on as an effective way to share news with friends throughout the day. Once you write your note, you can fold it int... Read More »

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How do I make a folded graduation cap announcement?

Make a TemplateDraw a 4-by-4-inch square on a piece of cardstock. Angle the square so that one corner points up and another points down. Draw a 2-inch line down from the center of the lower left si... Read More »

How to Make Folded Mini Flowers?

You can use miniature flowers for a variety of projects. String them together to make a garland, glue them to a pin backing and wear them as a brooch, attach them to a clip and wear them in your ha... Read More »

How to Make Folded Paper Objects?

Folding paper into objects is the Japanese art of origami. The practice of folding paper can relieve stress, as you are concentrating on creating the object as opposed to your troubles. It's an ine... Read More »

How to Make a Folded Star Pattern for a Quilt?

The folded star, also called the Amish star, is a traditional and ever-popular quilt block pattern. This pattern is formed by nine smaller blocks each made up of four, five or six triangles in thre... Read More »