How to Make a Foam Top Hat?

Answer Top hats are simple to make out of foam. Create a tall, thin stovepipe top hat and pretend to be Abraham Lincoln or Uncle Sam for your next costume or Halloween party. You can purchase foam sheets ... Read More »

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What Type of Foam Is Used in a Jamison Resort Foam Mattress?

A comfortable mattress helps guarantee a good night's sleep. Jamison Resort Mattresses are available in many vacation resorts but are also available for homes. According to the American Chronicle, ... Read More »

How to Make a Foam Rocket?

This space rocket is easy to make and doesn't require fire or explosives to launch, making it an ideal classroom project.

How to Make a Foam Car Body?

Creating a car body from foam allows you to build a lightweight, inexpensive and unique body designed for use on a specific vehicle chassis. By using foam panels, you'll be able to quickly form the... Read More »

How to Make a $9 Foam Machine?

Ever want to get back at someone but don't want to get in too much trouble? Here's a solution.