How to Make a Flower Bed From Grass?

Answer One of the most daunting parts of making a new flower bed from the grass in your lawn is removing the grass. If you're not in a hurry, you can use a simpler process called "lasagna gardening" or "s... Read More »

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How to get rid of white flower clover in grass?

Best to leave it. White clover establishes in soil that is nitrogen deficient. It then releases nitrogen into the soil enriching both the soil and your lawn. It is referred to as green manure. ... Read More »

How to Use Grass Fertilizer for Flower Gardens?

Grassy lawns and flower gardens have different nutritional needs; consequently, fertilizers that have been specifically formulated for one cannot always be used on the other. Lawn fertilizers tend ... Read More »

How do I keep Bermuda grass out of flower beds?

TrenchingUsing a trenching shovel, dig a trench 4 inches wide between your lawn and your flower beds. Pull up any Bermuda grass left over in your flower beds with a small shovel, digging up the roo... Read More »

Is there anything that will kill Bermuda grass from flower beds?

To kill Bermuda grass in flower beds, a grass-specific (meaning it kills only grass) herbicide is recommended. Products such as Grass-b-Gon, Over the Top, Ornamec and Poast, applied especially to t... Read More »