How to Make a Flat Latex Paint Repair?

Answer Repairing chips and scratches in old paint will greatly improve the appearance of any object, especially interior walls. Sometimes paint repairs can be completed only on a small area, but often you... Read More »

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Can you paint latex flat over latex enamel?

You can apply flat latex paint over a latex enamel if you know the proper preparation techniques to employ. Because latex enamel dries slick, it is not conducive to paint adhesion. Abrade the ename... Read More »

How to Turn Latex Paint Flat?

Latex paint is typically sold in glossy, semi-gloss or flat. Glossy latex paint has a high sheen that is easier to clean and more durable than flat paint. Semi-gloss paint, with its slight luster, ... Read More »

Can you mix water&latex paint to make more paint?

Adding water to latex paint makes it runny. It won't be thick enough to cover surfaces. It causes streaks. It also becomes too light to stick to walls. Latex paint is water based, according to dund... Read More »

Can you mix semi gloss paint with a flat paint to make satin?

Yes you can. Will it be identical to factory sheen? No. But it will cut the semigloss sheen down. It is your custom paint. And yes, you can go over the other stuff you have already put... Read More »