How to Make a Felt Baguette?

Answer A felt baguette is a child's pretend food dream. He can serve this fake loaf of French bread along with a felt salad and a dish of felt pasta for a complete faux meal. You can find the sheets of fe... Read More »

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How to Make Real French Baguette Bread?

There are two methods for making authentic French baguette bread. The yeast method typically yields a lighter baguette that tastes as if it came straight from un marché un plein air (an open air... Read More »

How to Make a Felt Hat?

Whether for a costume or personal fashion, you can make a felt hat using the directions below and supplies found at your local craft store. In order to shape the felt hat, you will need to first ma... Read More »

How to Make Felt?

Felting is fun no matter what your age. You can make simple felt shapes to start and then move on to more complex projects. Once you learn the process of felting, let your imagination be your guide... Read More »

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if after having sex you got a really bad pain and felt like something was being hit and felt like you were going to be sick?

Answer Pregnancy can always happen when you have intercourse, so check yourself out. But from the symptoms you are describing, it does not sound like they are coming from the pregnancy itself. You... Read More »