How to Make a Faraday Cage From a Metal Building?

Answer In the world of electrical experimentation, the Faraday cage is a useful device. Faraday cages stop electromagnetic waves or electricity from either entering or exiting an enclosed space. For examp... Read More »

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How to Close a Metal Dog Cage?

Metal dog cages are ideal when crate training your puppy. These cages should not be used as permanent housing for your dog or a source of punishment. According to the American Society for the Preve... Read More »

How to Make a Tweeting Bird in a Cage from Plastic Straws?

This delightful and very clever straw art depicts a tweeting bird in a cage. You can make it in any color, and if you make it in blue, you could even use it for a Twitter icon!The tweeting bird and... Read More »

How Can I Get TV Reception Inside a Metal Building?

If you live inside a building with significant metal components and obtain your television programming through an antenna, you may find it difficult to connect to a clear signal. This is because th... Read More »

How to Mount a Meter Box to a Metal Building?

Meter boxes are electrical devices that record how much electricity has passed from the source and into the building. Meter boxes can be mounted to wood or metal buildings, and the process of mount... Read More »