How to Make a Fake Hickey on Your Neck?

Answer When you suck on an area of the neck, it forces small blood vessels to break. This, in turn, releases some blood beneath the skin creating what is known as a hickey, love bite, or simply a bruise. ... Read More »

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Is it weird if your mom kisses you on the lips than goes for your neck it did make me uncomfortable?

Sounds pretty unusual to me, but what's important is that it made you uncomfortable. You, of all people, would know whether it was just the way your mom shows affection or whether it was something ... Read More »

Can a kink in your neck make your shoulders crooked?

Maybe... You might wanna ask a doctor about that.

Does doing neck stretches or exercises break your neck 10 Points!!! Please Answer.?

There is nothing you can do under your own power with active stretching to break your own neck. If you were to stretch any part of your body in any range of motion and you went too far you would c... Read More »

How do you make your nails look natural again after you take off your fake ones?

let thim sit in warm water with soap for about 15 minutes then wait another ten and apply nail hardener