How to Make a Fake Blood Effect?

Answer Whether you're trying to make a costume authentically creepy or you want to shoot a low-budget horror movie; making fake blood effects proves to be a creative task. Knowing how to create a fake blo... Read More »

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How to Make Fake Blood?

If you're going for the cool look this Halloween, nothing adds special effects like realistic-looking blood. There are many ways to concoct it, ranging from edible blood made from kitchen ingredien... Read More »

How to Make Fake Blood for Film?

Fake blood is one of a few things filmmakers can go through gallons of for one take, and purchasing "stage blood" from film retailers can get expensive. Making fake blood for film isn't difficult a... Read More »

How to Make Fake Blood With Makeup?

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How to Make Fake Blood & Guts?

Making fake blood and guts can turn your Halloween event into an evening to remember. Fake blood and guts are also useful for film or stage props, particularly in the zombie, science fiction or hor... Read More »