How to Make a FaceTime Call on an iPad?

Answer Why just talk to your contacts when you can see them face-to-face and show them what you’re looking at with FaceTime.

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Can you call FaceTime iPad 2 to iPad 2 for free?

All FaceTime calls on all devices between all devices are free. You just need an Apple ID, the latest iOS device, and wifi.

How to Make a FaceTime Call on an iPhone?

Why just talk on the phone when you can talk face-to-face without actually being face-to-face using FaceTime? Not only can you video chat with this application with iPhones, you can also call owner... Read More »

How do you FaceTime on iPad 2?

Go into the FaceTime app and click the persons contact number to there name but there number or email address

Does a iPad 2 have facetime?

Probably yes, there's FaceTime in iPad 2.It could use in wifi not in 3G.