How to Make a Euro Symbol on a Laptop?

Answer When you're using a desktop computer, you can enter special symbols by holding the "Alt" key and entering the numeric code associated with the symbol on the keyboard's numeric keypad. Because most ... Read More »

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How to Use the Euro Symbol on My Laptop Keyboard?

The euro symbol has a handy shortcut key on most keyboards, useful for those wanting to type it frequently. Though not all laptop keyboards have the euro shortcut key labeled, there are multiple wa... Read More »

How can i make a euro symbol on the keyboard. I've tried ctrl+alt+$ which does not work?

€ - They're right about the "AltGr" key - I just did it here! ! !

What does the Euro symbol stand for?

The Euro symbol "€" is used to signify the single currency used in many European countries. The symbol is based on the Greek epsilon and was chosen because of its links to early European civilisa... Read More »

What does the Euro symbol represent?

The Euro sign, €, is the currency sign for the official currency for the Eurozone in the European Union. The symbol is from the letter "epsilon," and it refers to the first letter of the word Eur... Read More »