How to Make a Duct Tape Halloween Kid's Costume?

Answer Duct tape is most often available in the well-known silver color that is often the brunt of jokes in movies and sitcoms. The original purpose for duct or duck tape was for use in air ducts. Wise co... Read More »

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Duct Tape Costume Ideas?

Duct tape is a handy tool for almost any project. In fact, television shows like "Mythbusters" and "The Red Green Show" have created specific episodes to it for years because of its wondrous abilit... Read More »

Halloween Kids' Zombie Costume Ideas?

One of the most prevailing images in horror films is the zombie. Zombies are reanimated corpses that walk the earth in search of one thing: human flesh and brains. They have no feeling or emotion a... Read More »

How to Make a Duct Tape Cap?

Whether you're bored or just want to play with duct tape, making a duct tape cap is fun. You can build your cap using a variety of colors or opt for the traditional duct tape gray.

How to Make a Duct Tape Bow?

This is how to make a duct tape bow. You can use a variety of colors. Duct tape comes in many patterns and colors, this will be easy to customize. They are also very fun to make. There is even a li... Read More »