How to Make a Drop Menu That Changes a Box in Excel?

Answer Excel has the ability to make drop-down lists, via the use of Data Validation, which constrains the kind of input a given cell can have. These drop-down lists can be used, in conjunction with a tab... Read More »

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How to Make an MS Excel Menu Display?

Microsoft Excel 2007 came out with a new menu format for the toolbar, so the menus you were able to find quickly in the older versions of Microsoft Excel may now be harder to find. To remedy this, ... Read More »

How can I make a menu with MS word, powerpoint, or excel?

I assume you wish to add another selection to the Main Menu, the one that already has such options as FILE, EDIT, VIEW, FORMAT, etc...In MS-Excel you can add VBA code that is similar to the followi... Read More »

How do I make a drop down list in Microsoft Excel 2003?

Type each item that you want to include in the list into a separate cell in one column of the worksheet. Do not leave any blank cells between the list items. Click the cell in which you want to add... Read More »

How to fields to use for drop down menu using phpMyAdmin?

Create a row to store the credit card type. The "user" won't be accessing the sql database anyway. You should check for invalid input using your serverside script.