How to Make a Dreamcatcher Necklace?

Answer Dreamcatchers originated with the Chippewa tribe of Native Americans. It was traditionally hung above sleeping children's heads to protect them from nightmares. Native American legends said the chi... Read More »

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How to Make a Dreamcatcher?

Long ago, in the ancient world of the Ojibwe Nation, all tribes were located on Turtle Island. Eventually, they dispersed, to fulfill a prophecy.However, Asibikaashi (Spider Woman) found it difficu... Read More »

How to Build My Own Dreamcatcher?

Hang a traditional dreamcatcher to trap bad dreams. Choose a weaving material with a diameter that corresponds to the size of your hoop. The base hoop can be formed from natural materials or use a ... Read More »

What tribe invented the dreamcatcher?

The Ojibwe--or Chippewa--tribe of the Great Lakes region is the inventor of the dreamcatcher. Traditionally, sinew strands are tied in a web pattern in a tear-shaped or round frame to form the drea... Read More »

How to Make a Key Necklace?

Do you have old keys lying around the house? Do you have a boring old diary key? Do you want to make them into a cute and customized necklace? Then read on!